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How should I be able to add newlines to the list view table in the SonataAdminBundle?

I added a function to my entity like this:

getTest() {
    return "test 1 \n test 2";

And in my configureListFields function I add the field this way:

$listMapper->add('test', null, array('label' => 'Test'))

I also tried changing the type to text, string and doctrine_orm_text, but it doesn't help.

Using <br /> instead of \n doens't help eather, because the output is translated to html entities.

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I found a possibility: Override the base_list_field.html.twig template for the text template: Add the nl2br filter when the block field is defined:


<td class="sonata-ba-list-field sonata-ba-list-field-{{ field_description.type }}" objectId="{{ admin.id(object) }}">
{% if
        field_description.options.identifier is defined
    and field_description.options.route is defined
    and admin.isGranted(field_description.options.route.name == 'show' ? 'VIEW' : field_description.options.route.name|upper, object)
    and admin.hasRoute(field_description.options.route.name)
    <a href="{{ admin.generateObjectUrl(field_description.options.route.name, object, field_description.options.route.parameters) }}">
        {%- block field %}{{ value|nl2br }}{% endblock -%}
{% else %}
    {{ block('field') }}
{% endif %}

In your config.yml:

                text: YourBundle:Admin:list_text_field.html.twig


$listMapper->add('test', 'text', array('label' => 'Test'))
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