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I am trying to rotate a circle in the middle of the screen, that is on a layer, that added to the main scene , but it rotates not around its center, but in a strange way up and down in some angel. seems that it rotates around the bottom left corner of screen.

 id rot1=[CCRotateBy actionWithDuration:0.4 angle:10];
    id rot2=[CCRotateBy actionWithDuration:0.4 angle:-20];
    id rot3=[CCRotateBy actionWithDuration:0.4 angle:+20];
    id rotB=[CCRotateTo actionWithDuration:0.2 angle:0];
    id seq=[CCSequence actions:rot1,rot2,rot3,rot2,rot3,rot2,rotB, nil];
    [mainButton runAction:seq];

whats wrong here ? thanks .

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You should try and set the anchorPoint of the sprite:

mainButton.anchorPoint = ccp(0.5, 0.5);

The anchor point is defined in a relative scale (from 0 to 1) and it represents the point relative to which any transformation is applied; the sprite texture is also centred around the anchor point.

In the above example, the anchor point is set exactly at the center of the sprite.

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do you set your circle in center?if no then set it first

 circle_Sprite.position = ccp( 240, 160 );
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