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Every time before I replace pattern1 with pattern2, I usually use /pattern1 to confirm the regex is the right one. When doing the actual substitution, however, I have to use :%s/pattern1/pattern2/g(Suppose I need to do the global replacement). This is annoying and may fail due to typos.

So is there a convenient way to substitute the matched pattern1?

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// is last search :%s//replacement/g will do what you want.

however you could also think about %s/pattern1/pattern2/gc or %s/p1/p2/gn

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The null string in the first half of the s command defaults to the last searched pattern.



changes all instances of fred to mary.

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Just use an empty pattern:

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I think that:


should replace every occurence of the current pattern in the next 3 lines with repl.

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You can use something like :%s/pattern/replace/c (notice the trailing c) and vim will ask for confirmation.

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