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I have 2 classes

    public class Child extends Base{

    public class Base{
    private UserVO user;

    public UserVO getUser(){
    return user;
    public void setUser(UserVO usr){
    this.user = usr;

    I call the following method
  public class SomeClass{
  private Child child;
    public void someMethod(){
    child.setUser(new UserVO());

The above system.out prints null.Where am I going wrong.Pls help. Is this the way cglib works?If so what is the workaround for this Thanks

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Is (very) posible that you are getting null because you don't have a HttpSession when calling the someMethod.

This is the expected behavior of an aop-scoped-proxy. Note that an aop-scoped-proxy is really a singleton that try to retrieve the taget object from the configured scope or create a new if none was found, in every method call.

So if the HttpSession don't exist the aop-scoped-proxy will redirect all calls to a new created object.


aopScopedProxy.setUser -- > new User().setUser()
aopScopedProxy.getUser ---> new User().getUser()

That seem to be your problem.

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Sorry,am unable to understand,does it mean i cant set the user VO with out httpsession?Pls find my edit.am actually autowiring the session scoped bean in a class and then using this reference to set userVO. –  RVP Feb 1 '13 at 7:27
Well, you need the session to use an aop scoped proxy bound to session. For example, you could check in someMethod() if ((ServletRequestAttributes) RequestContextHolder.currentRequestAttributes()).getSessionId() throws an Exception... –  Jose Luis Martin Feb 1 '13 at 13:29

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