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I have a component that is used to add a container around its child elements. This component is used within other components without any issue. But I would like to be able to use a facet like so:

<!-- INTERFACE -->
    <cc:attribute name="detailTitle" />
    <cc:facet name="header"/>

    <li class="mvkcomp listItem listDetailToggle">
            <div class="listItemBody">
                <div class="header">
                    <!-- Facet not being rendered -->
                    <cc:renderFacet name="header" />

                    <a href="#">Show/hide #{cc.attrs.detailTitle}</a>
                <div class="detail">
                    <cc:insertChildren />

This will however not render anything. It works as intended if the <cc:renderFacet> is moved outside of <ezcomp:container>. Is there an alternative I'm not seeing or do I simply have to move the li and ezcomp:container outside of the component to make it work? Is that the preffered alternative anyway?

Oh and the <cc:insertChildren> works as intended. Seems rather strange to me that one would fail but not the other.

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The approach I selected to handle this was to implement the wrapper element as a template. I then use ui:decorate to output that template inside of a composite component. The original wrapper now only outputs the template before inserting it's children.

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