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We would like to use a For-Next loop to iterate through a TableAdapter row by row and extract the value of a column in each row from a strongly typed DataSet.

The TableAdapter was created in the Visual Studio DataSet designer. The following names have been used for the database objects.

DataSet Name:      DataSetSchedules
DataTable Name:    DataTableSchedules
TableAdapter Name: DataTableDataAdapterSchedules

This is the coding I have started:

Dim strClassName As String = ""
Dim objAadapter As New DataSetSchedulesTableAdapters.DataTableTableAdapterSchedules
Dim objDataTable As DataSetSchedulesTableAdapters.DataTableTableAdapterSchedules

<I need a way to fill the table with data from> = objAadapter.GetDataByAll(TextBoxSearch)

For Each row As System.Data.DataRow In objDataTable
    strClassName = row.ClassName

Please help by supplying the missing coding we will need because I tried using:

Dim objDataTable As DataTableSchedules = objAadapter.GetDataByAll(TextBoxSearch)

and this error was shown:

Error 1 Type 'DataTableSchedules' is not defined.

I realize that I can set up a command object and DataReader but prefer to use objects that are already existing instead. This one has had us stuck for several days now.

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If you type DataSetSchedulesTableAdapters.DataTableTableAdapterSchedules is the data retrieving part, you will also have a class called DataSetSchedules that will have the class structure that will hold the data you retrieve and the strongly typed datatables and datarows.

Dim strClassName As String = ""
Dim objAadapter As New Knowledge_Academy.DataSetSchedulesTableAdapters.DataTableTableAdapterSchedules
Dim objDataTable As Knowledge_Academy.DataSetSchedules.DataSetSchedulesDataTable
Dim objDataRow As Knowledge_Academy.DataSetSchedules.DataSetSchedulesRow

objDataTable = objAadapter.GetDataByAll(TextBoxSearch)

For Each objDataRow In objDataTable.Rows
    strClassName = objDataRow.ClassName

I am kind of guessing on some of this, but it should be very close.

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Thanks Eric. I was able to use:Dim objDataTable As DataSetSchedulesTableAdapters.DataTableTableAdapterSchedules ok and I will update the posting for that but now I need a way to populate the object with data and put the missing coding in this line: For Each row As <> In objDataTable – Emad-ud-deen Jan 31 '13 at 16:21
system.data.datarow won't work? – Eric Clark Jan 31 '13 at 16:28
Placing system.data.datarow in the For-Next worked but objDataTable displays this error because I think I'm missing a way to get the data into it: Error 3 Expression is of type 'Knowledge_Academy.DataSetSchedulesTableAdapters.DataTableTableAdapterSchedules'‌​, which is not a collection type. – Emad-ud-deen Jan 31 '13 at 16:34
I updated the coding to include system.data.datarow. Could you show a coding sample of how it should look? Thanks. – Emad-ud-deen Jan 31 '13 at 16:35
ok, do you have the option of Knowledge_Academy.DataSetSchedules.DataSetSchedulesTable or DataSetSchedulesRow. We have used this stuff like this: Dim itemAdapterCart As New DAL.ShoppingCartTableAdapters.GetCartPackageCoursesTableAdapter Dim dtadc As New DAL.ShoppingCart.CartItemsRow – Eric Clark Jan 31 '13 at 16:39

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