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I found my angularjs controller is pretty long, and it's a little out of control. Here is an example of my code (with coffeescript):


(Since it has 139 lines, I think it's better to paste it to gist)

The methods are basically about CRUD, since there is a tree, a table, 3 forms there.

Could you give me some advises about improving it?

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Extract as much as you can to services. That's the best practice in keeping your controllers lean.

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I would suggest you take a look at the corresponding html. Start by grouping the controller code based on what chunks of html they affect.

Then extract them into a separate controller and add that controller to the corresponding root element of those chunks.

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Yes, I'm thinking of this. I will check if I can separate them into several controllers –  Freewind Jan 31 '13 at 16:50

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