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I need to index some XML documents which make use of namespaces, such as:

        <dc:id xmlns:dc="">1</dc:id>
                <pm:link pm:description="Tele" pm:source="8326"/>

Now when I use the the below DataImport, Solr manages to get the ID but it fails to index the Attributes values:

 <dataSource  type="FileDataSource" encoding="UTF-8" />
    <entity name="article"
            forEach="/Kroot/root" >

        <field column="id"              xpath="/Kroot/root/meta/id" />            
        <field column="news_id"    xpath="/Kroot/root/meta/source/source/link/@source" />
        <field column="news_name"  xpath="/Kroot/root/meta/source/source/link/@description" />


By removing the attribute namespaces from the XML file, Solr manages to index all the data! Now I am searching for a solution and I cant find an explanation for this behavior. The Solr wiki says that in case of namespaces we should use only the attribute name without the namespace, just like I do. I am using Solr 4.1 btw.

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Can you try e.g. /Kroot/root/meta/source/source/link[@description]

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I already tried that but without any luck. I end up removing the namespaces from the xml. Thanks. – ArisRe82 Feb 2 '13 at 14:29

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