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I'm new to SharePoint and I'd like to develop a Leave Form Application which utilizes the Approval Workflow, but I cannot find it on SharePoint Foundation 2010. How can I enable it? I have already tried many methods which I found on Google, but I still have no clue. Please guide me.

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I found the answer; as I was using SharePoint Foundation, there are now out-of-the-box workflows provided except for the three-state Workflow.

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Hi @KishoreInWindows, So is there a way to import them to SharePoint Foundation? –  Donatas Jul 13 at 9:37

From your document library:

  • Click library tab
  • Click library settings tile
  • Select Workflow Settings Link
  • Click Add a Workflow link
  • Approval should be in the Workflow Template list

If that doesn't work, check your site collection features and insure workflows is activated.

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I already did the things,but none of them are working,may be it was not available in sharepoint foundation 2010 –  KishoreInWindows Feb 4 '13 at 14:33

Simple approval workflow can be activate ddirectly from library settings:

Go to your list->library settings in the ribbon->versionning settings->allow approval content option to yes...

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