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I want to create a bitmap to set it into a map marker as the image (android google maps v2). I have this:

Drawable drw = whereIAm.getResources().getDrawable(
                    "drawable", whereIAm.getPackageName()));

I'm not entering in details about this code segment, because it simply gives me back a Drawable from my project.

Afterwards, I got this:

Bitmap imageStored;
imageStored = getBitmapFromDrawable(drw);

The "getBitmapFromDrawable(Drawable)" method is the following:

public static Bitmap getBitmapFromDrawable(Drawable drawable) {
        Bitmap bitmap = null;
        try {
            BitmapDrawable bitmapDrawable = (BitmapDrawable) drawable;
            bitmap = bitmapDrawable.getBitmap();
        } catch (Exception e) {
            Log.e("ERROR BITMAP CONVERT", e.getMessage());
        return bitmap;

And finally, I set the bitmap on the marker:

Marker m = mMap.addMarker(new MarkerOptions().position(

When I run it, It has no problems, image shows itself properly as everybody expects: (I can't post the image because I don't have enought reputation)

Ok, now here comes the trouble. There's another way to take the bitmap from, and it's from a web service, look:

First i call "obtenerImagen" which will post the request and give me back a String with the data of the image, afterwards, i convert this String into a Bitmap in the "StringToBitmap" method:

imageStored = obtenerImagen(empresaId, imagenId, whereIAm);

public Bitmap obtenerImagen(String imagenId, String empresaId,
            Context context) {
        Bitmap imagen = null;
        String result = null;
        String url = context.getString(R.string.url_base)
                + context.getString(R.string.image_endpoint);
        try {
            JSONObject jsonObject = new JSONObject();
                    context.getString(R.string.resolucion_640x960)); // ((BaseActivity)context).getScreenResolution()
                    .put(context.getString(R.string.json_header_id), imagenId);
            if (empresaId != null) {

        result = RequestManager.performHttpPostRequest(url, jsonObject);

        // Parseando el json
        ImagenParser parser = new ImagenParser();
        Imagen oImagen = parser.parseImageForResourceImage(result);
        // Obtengo la imagen en bytes
        String imageBytes = oImagen.getUbicanosGrupoInterbank().getDatos()
        imagen = Util.StringToBitMap(imageBytes);

    } catch (JSONException e) {

    return imagen;

The "stringToBitMap(String)" method is the following:

public static Bitmap stringToBitMap(String encodedString) {
    Bitmap bitmap = null;
    byte[] encodeByte = Base64.decode(encodedString, Base64.DEFAULT);
    bitmap = BitmapFactory.decodeByteArray(encodeByte, 0,
    return bitmap;


And finally, i just place it on the map like before:

Marker m = mMap.addMarker(new MarkerOptions().position(

When I run it, it shows the following: (again) But the difference between the images is that in this last case, the markers show smalleR!

This is a really weird behavior since I call another images from web service for other activities, and they look fine. It's just in this activity that images from web service looks a little bit smaller in the map. At first, I thought that my StringToBitmap could be the problem, but as I said, it works fine for other images for other activities (the other activities don't show maps). Any suggestions? I've tried a lot of things, but I don't know what it could be. Besides, I did something, I saved the image into the SD, then I manually take out the image from the SD, put it in the project, and it showed correctly! So it's not a matter of the image, it's something about the program. Please help ='(

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