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I wonder if it's possible to detect a simple shape like a circle or a rectangle in an image with ActionScript 3. Can somebody guide me into the right direction or even give me a link to a good tutorial? I want to detect a logo with the webcam. Thanks in advance.

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Yes, it is possible I did a ball detecting algorythm for a video. Once you access the bitmap each frame, (ex. a vector>, where uint is the color of the pixyel in vector[x][y]), it is only universal detection algorithms. Hugh transform, etc.. So you go ahead, and detect rectangles. There are lots of tutorials. Its high math.. There is also FLARManager, what can detect cool qr codes in Flash. Lee Brimelow did a great video tutorial of it.

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Thanks that helped a lot. I also found a great tutorial from adobe using the flartoolkit: – palme Feb 1 '13 at 11:44

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