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I am new to hibernate Search and i find difficulty in forming Hibernateserach query. I need to use IN opeartor to the List the String in Hibernate query . Can anybody help me to sort out this issue. My current query look like this

String querystring="country:"+profile.getCountry()+" AND religion:"+profile.getReligion()+"  AND caste:"+profile.getCaste()+" AND gender:"+profile.getGender()+"AND profession : "+professions+" AND age:["+profile.getFromage()+" TO "+profile.getToage()+"]" ;

here is professions is a list of string.

Regards, Arun

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There is no IN operator in Lucene query language. You will have to expand the string yourself. An alternative for using the query parser would be to use a Lucene BooleanQuery and add the different parts of your query to it, for example a RangeQuery etc. Effectively the QueryParser creates under the hood this lower level queries for you. Have a look at the Lucene API and the different sub classes of You still have to expand the collection string yourself though. Last but not least, you could use the Hibernate Search query DSL. Have a look at the online docs of Hibernate Search if you want to know more -

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You need to add the following clauses to your query SELECT, FROM, and WHERE. Also the conditions are missing parts. For example here is a valid query. "SELECT e from Employee where = :country and e.religion = :religion"...

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Hi Manuel thanks for your reply. I am creating a lucene querystring. I need to just parse these string then internally Lucene query will handle the select , from clauses I am using HibernateSearch The complete code is as shown below – user2029781 Feb 1 '13 at 5:33
The querystring works fine with the following string String querystring="country:"+profile.getCountry()+" AND religion:"+profile.getReligion()+" AND caste:"+profile.getCaste()+" AND gender:"+profile.getGender()+" AND age:["+profile.getFromage()+" TO "+profile.getToage()+"]" ; but when i add list professions it will not work Thanks Arun – user2029781 Feb 1 '13 at 5:50
You may want to add that this is for lucene to your question. I have added the lucene tag to your question – Manuel Quinones Feb 1 '13 at 15:42

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