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In one of my actors react method I output the thread pool by doing:

val scalaThreadSet = asScalaSet(Thread.getAllStackTraces().keySet());
scalaThreadSet.foreach(element => Console.println("Thread=" + element + ",state=" + 

I see a bunch of threads:

Thread=Thread[Signal Dispatcher,9,system],state=RUNNABLE

I wish to reduce the size of thread pool to one and only see one thread, so I pass in:

So I pass in:


as a VM argument.

My expectation is I should now only see one thread but I still see loads. Any ideas?

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Short answer

Try running the VM with



The ForkJoinScheduler, which is the default scheduler for most OSes running Java 1.6 or later, uses a DrainableForkJoinPool under to covers which, as far as I can tell, ignores the maxPoolSize property. See the makeNewPool method of the ForkJoinScheduler and the constructor for DrainableForkJoinPool.

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