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I have the following types:

create or replace type Film_ty as object(

create or replace type Entertainment_ty as object(
)not final;

create or replace type Spot_ty under Entertainment_ty (

create or replace type Trailer_ty under Entertainment_ty (
    film REF Film_ty,
    member procedure insert_trailer(...);
    member procedure delete_trailer(del_title VARCHAR,del_director VARCHAR);  

I created the table for Film_ty and Entertainment_ty. For trailer and spot I don't because I want a mutual-exclusive relation. Then, I added the procedure for the delete_trailer member.

create or replace procedure delete_trailer(del_title IN VARCHAR, del_director IN VARCHAR) AS
del_film REF Film_ty;
   select ref(f) into del_film
   from film f
   where (f.title = del_title) and (f.director = del_director);

   delete from entertainment
   where Trailer_ty(..,..,..,film) in (..,..,..,del_film) 
end delete_trailer;

It compiles but I receive the error: "*ORA-00904: film - invalid identifier". Can you help me to solve it please?

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What does it mean when you say that you "created the table for film_ty and entertainment_ty"? Do you mean that you created an object table? Or that you created a collection using a nested table? Or something else? Your query is selecting from film_ty which is the name of your object type-- that can't be correct. Do you mean to be selecting from an object table built on that type? What line is the error occurring on? Is your object type trying to manipulate data in tables of that object type? If so, why? –  Justin Cave Jan 31 '13 at 18:41
You're right. I meant I created the object table using "create table entertainment of Entertainment_ty" and "create table film of Film_ty". I didn't create any collection or object table for Trailer_ty, because I read on a "Object Oriented Oracle" book that I don't have to do it if I want a mutual-exclusive inheritance relation.. I want to delete the trailer of a given film. How can I do such a thing if I can't access to the reference in the entertainment table, with something like "entertainment.film"? –  alhandra Jan 31 '13 at 20:16
OK. In your delete_trailer procedure, you are querying film_ty. Do you really want to query the film table? Or are you trying to do something with an object of type film_ty? If so, is that a local variable? A member of the entertainment_ty object? Something else? –  Justin Cave Jan 31 '13 at 20:26
No, it's a mistake... It is referred to the object table "film". I make it right above in the "answer". Sorry! –  alhandra Jan 31 '13 at 21:26
And what line is the error occurring on? Which instance of the film identifier is invalid? –  Justin Cave Jan 31 '13 at 21:33

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