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I have an EXCEL sheets witgh various

C:\Documents and Settings\delfi\MilkDataMgr\FtsExcel.pas(2056):Undeclared identifier: smrBgm167GallonsGrosssDA'

procedure convertXSLToDelfi(fuel: TFtsFuelTypes; const prefix: string);
ColumnNameMap  : TStrings;
i              : Integer;
other          : string;

   { ColumnNameMap  := TStrings; }
   ColumnNameMap  := TStringList.Create;
   ColumnNameMap.Values['smrBgm229GallonsGross']:=' smrBgm167GallonsGrosssDA';
   i := ColumnNameMap.IndexOfName(smrBgm229GallonsGross);
     if i >= 0 then
     smrBgm229GallonsGross:= ColumnNameMap.Values[smrBgm229GallonsGross]
     smrBgm229GallonsGross:= smrBgm229GallonsGross;

a detailed issue is in this link, i folowed the solution offered there http://stackoverflow.com/questions/1460297/how-to-create-delphi-4-structure-to-map-column-names-in-xls-to-column-names-in-sq

I am just picking up threads kindly help me out.

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An Excel sheet with various what? Is this question really about an undeclared identifier at all anymore? If so, what does the code here have to do with the error? Please copy and paste the code that shows the error. – Rob Kennedy Sep 23 '09 at 15:42
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In the code I gave you, notice that the value inside the brackets for the Values property was quoted. It's a string. Maybe you meant to have "smrBgm229GallonsGross" in quotes, too, like this:

ColumnNameMap.Values['smrBgm229GallonsGross'] := 'smrBgm167GallonsGrosssDA';

In your code, the compiler complains that it doesn't recognize the identifier smrBgm229GallonsGross. Look at your code. Have you declared such an identifier? If not, then you can't expect the compiler to know what you're asking of it, and the error message makes perfect sense.

(If you were using Perl, the compiler might have known what you wanted. There are certain situations where a so-called "bareword" will be interpreted as a string literal rather than an identifier. But that's Perl, not Delphi.)

So far, I've only been looking at the first line of code that mentions smrBgm229GallonsGross. However, there are five more lines of code, where you look up the index of the name and then assign values to a variable, and those will need a proper declaration of a variable. In my example, I used the made-up variable name ColumnName to represent the name of whatever input column you happen to be processing at the time. I assumed you would be iterating over a list of columns in a loop, so you would do the same thing for each column, taking a value from your Excel spreadsheet and transferring it into a corresponding column in the database, which was represented by the also-made-up variable name RealColumnName.

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you are right Rob , it is undefined in the Procedure i created. – vas Sep 23 '09 at 1:40
Further I coded it as "ColumnNameMap.Values 'smrBgm229GallonsGross'] := 'smrBgm167GallonsGrosssDA'; I made a type up here. " – vas Sep 23 '09 at 1:42
I correced the Typo....Also I have commented { ColumnNameMap := TStrings; } I was getting an error "[Error] smrXcel.pas(2251): Incompatible types: 'TStrings' and 'Class reference'" at the place. where as in your code it is included.Is that OK? – vas Sep 23 '09 at 1:46
There shouldn't have been any typos to correct. You should copy and paste your real code. Anyway, please look more carefully at my code. You will see that nowhere did I attempt to assign a class reference to any variable. Are you confusing declarations and assignment statements? – Rob Kennedy Sep 23 '09 at 4:31
I will do as you tol me . – vas Sep 23 '09 at 12:57

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