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I can't get any log output from delayed_job, and I'm not sure my jobs are starting.

Here's my Procfile:

web:     bundle exec rails server
worker:  bundle exec rake jobs:work
worker:  bundle exec clockwork app/clock.rb

And here's the job:

class ScanningJob
  def perform "logging from delayed_job"

  def after(job) "logging from after delayed_job"

I see that clockwork outputs to system out, and I can see worker executor starting, but I never see my log statements hit. I tried puts as well to no avail.

My clock file is pretty simple:

every(3.seconds, 'refreshlistings') { Delayed::Job.enqueue }

I just want to see this working, and lack of logging means I can't. What's going on here?

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possible duplicate of delayed_job not logging – deefour Jan 31 '13 at 17:49

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When I needed log output from Delayed Jobs, I found this question to be fairly helpful.

In config/initializers/delayed_job.rb I add the line:

Delayed::Worker.logger =, 'log', 'dj.log'))

Then, in my job, I output to this log with:

Delayed::Worker.logger.debug("Log Entry")

This results in the file log/dj.log being written to. This works in development, staging, and production environments.

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Since Rails.root is a Pathname, one can simply do: Delayed::Worker.logger ='log', 'dj.log')) – Alex Oct 31 '13 at 9:18
Delayed::Worker.logger is already initialized – brauliobo Feb 10 at 12:13

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