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I've externalized my Grails configuration basically the same way as the config file suggests. I've done it all the time with my 1.3 projects and the line

grails.serverURL = "http://localhost:8080/${appName}"

in the external config worked great. Now I experience the problem with 2.0 that Grails seems not to be able to resolve the ${appName} - it will use [:] instead in redirects.

As soon as I move this line back to the internal configuration, everything works fine.

Is there any way to move this configuration line to the external configuration? Am I doing something wrong?

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This has started happening for my app too during a recent migration. The only thing that changed that I know of was going from tomcat 6 to tomcat 7. Grails version is 1.3.7. –  JonoB Sep 26 '13 at 1:26

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You can use ${grails.util.Metadata.current.getApplicationName()} instead.

Note that since Metadata implements Map you can't shorten that to ${grails.util.Metadata.current.applicationName} since the key isn't applicationName.

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@Ralf and Burt, thanks for this Q&A! It was surprisingly difficult to find this information. The ${} didn't work for me (probably using them wrong. Instead to name my log file I did this: file: (System.properties.getProperty('catalina.base') ?: 'target') + '/logs/' + grails.util.Metadata.current.getApplicationName() +'.log' –  10GritSandpaper Sep 2 '13 at 17:59

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