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I have a javascript code that reads from a set of checkboxes and loads a php in case one or more checkboxes are checked. This php will load only the items that are selected.

However, now I click on the checkboxes and nothing happens. I am not sure if the issue is in the php or in the javascript.

Here are the codes:


function echoCheckboxSet($header, $divClass, $columnName, $setName) {
include ("../commonItems/connection.php");
$checkboxes = $con -> prepare("SELECT DISTINCT $columnName FROM item_descr ORDER BY $columnName ASC");
while ($box = $checkboxes->fetch(PDO::FETCH_ASSOC)):
$boxColumnName = str_replace('_',' ',$box[$columnName]);
<input type='checkbox' class='regularCheckbox' name='<?php echo $setName; ?>' value='<?php echo $box[$columnName]; ?>' />
<font class='similarItemsText'><?php echo $boxColumnName; ?></font>
<br />
echoCheckBoxSet("COLOR", "colors", "color_base1", "color");
echoCheckBoxSet("PRICE", "prices", "price", "price");


$(function() {
    $("input[type='checkbox']").on('change', function() {
        var boxes = [];
        // You could save a little time and space by doing this:
        var name = this.name;
        // critical change on next line
        $("input[type='checkbox'][name='"+this.name+"']:checked").each(function() {
        if (boxes.length) {
            // Change the name here as well
            $(".indexMain").load('indexMain.php?'+this.name+'=' + boxes.join("+"),
            function() {

        } else {
            $(".indexMain").load('indexMain.php', function() {

INDEXMAIN (indexMain.php)

if ($colors != '')

            $colors = explode(' ', $colors);
            $parameters = join(', ', array_fill(0, count($colors), '?'));
            $items = $con -> prepare("SELECT * FROM item_descr WHERE color_base1 IN ({$parameters})");
            $items ->execute($colors);
            $count = $items -> rowCount();

while($info = $items->fetch(PDO::FETCH_ASSOC)) 
......... echo everything....

At some point the code was working fine... but now it is not...


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indexMain.php is not getting the passed variables.

Adding this at the top made it work:

$colors = $_GET['color'];
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