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I've got a problem with Draw2D/GEF, and cannot think of a good idea.

I need to draw qualified associations, as they can be seen in this picture (itemID)

The user is able to move around classes and connections (with bendpoints) and thus the position of the "qualifier" should not be fixed, too. So it needs to be moveable.

I thought of using ConnectionDecorator and a label, but it does not really work, since the gap on top of a class if different from the gap on the side of a class.

I'd appreciate any help, ideas, hints....

Thanks in advance, Tim

PS: I already posted the question here but did not get any answers, so I thought I could try it here :)

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do you mean, that you should create and maintain that 'port-like' square with 'itemID' somehow attached to connection target/source? –  execc Jan 31 '13 at 21:01
Yes, just like an arrow, this Label should be the end of the connection. And it should support moving around the figure, just like an arrow on a connection would do. –  Nex Feb 1 '13 at 12:20

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