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Spring Tool Suite

Version: 3.1.0.RELEASE

Build Id: 201210061306

Spring Tool Suite 3.1.0.RELEASE - based on Eclipse Juno 4.2.1


Microsoft Windows XP Pro

Hi. I just installed the above.

When I go to Help | Help Contents there are sorts of useful "books" explaining the basics of how to do things.

One of those is titled "Spring Documentation"

However, all of the branches and nodes are blank. I either get 404 errors when pressing on them or place holder web pages.

Is there any way I can install that missing tutorial into Eclipse?

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From the Spring web board:

You are right, the Spring documentation part in the help contents of STS is broken (this needs to be fixed by us). In the meantime I would like to recommend you our "Getting Started" collection of links here:


As well as the official "Getting started" section on the web here:


It also contains the links for the official Spring framework documentation.
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