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Blogger/Blogspot has this wonderful dynamic template. I prefer using the standard templates, but I like the mosaic dynamic page design a lot. Is it possible to get the source code of mosaic template and use that as a homepage in the standard template?

I tried doing it, but it just came loading and not loaded.

Please suggest.

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Well you have to try these steps. I do many blogger templates to use it on normal blog template html.

Just go to your blogger edit html page after applying dynamic template.

Now copy the whole code and save it in text document.

Change the extension of text document .txt to .xml

Now we are converting the xml to html which is very easy.

Here is w3school article and help with this you can easily convert the xml to html.

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I think you just need to modify some xml, and it will do the trick.

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You should probably expand on this answer; it's incredibly vague in its current form. – Walfie Feb 10 '13 at 6:47

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