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I probably have misconfigured my route file for play-1.2.5 - below is the relevant route file part & the URL being used:


GET /application/autoComplete?term=mac 


GET     /autoComplete/{term}     controllers.Application.AutoCompleteTerm

I also have the following route defined but its not getting picked up:

GET     /autoComplete/     controllers.Application.AutoCompleteTerm

The route does not get hit - instead, I get a template not found exception:

play.exceptions.TemplateNotFoundException: Template not found

Any suggestions to help troubleshoot this will be quite welcome. thanks

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pilot error: the full URL was not being handled by the route - its working now that I'm catching the full URL. +1 to any who tried to help! thanks –  ali haider Jan 31 '13 at 19:53
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The route:

GET     /autoComplete/{term}     controllers.Application.AutoCompleteTerm

...is wrong. It should be like this:

GET     /autoComplete/{term}     Application.autoCompleteTerm

This would correspond to the following URL:


The corresponding method in Application would look like this:

public static void autoCompleteTerm(String term) {

The URL:


...would need the following route:

GET     /autoComplete     Application.autoCompleteTerm

...and the same method as above:

public static void autoCompleteTerm(String term) {
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