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I have a batch file "install.bat" stored in location "


". I want to execute this batch file in administrative mode from


folder using a System() API. Can anyone kindly lemme know how do I achieve this VC++ programatically.

My code snippet::

int ret = System("c:\Users\abc\xyz\install.bat");

If I give this command, batch file is of course executing from "c:\Users\abc\xyz" folder. But I want to run this batch file from System32 folder?

Thanks in advance.

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One option is to put a cd command as the first line of your .bat file. You could change the working directory of the calling process, but that's using a hammer to crack a nut.

If you move away from the system function you can call CreateProcess. That allows you to specify all the gory details you need when creating a new process. You need to run the command interpreter (find that by reading the COMSPEC environment variable). You can specify the working directory for the new process as one of the parameters to CreateProcess.

CreateProcess is rather hard to call though. And it won't help you with requesting elevation to admin rights. Instead you can use ShellExecute. Call that passing "runas" for the verb, which will result in elevation.

ShellExecute(0, "runas", "c:\\Users\\abc\\xyz\\install.bat", NULL, 
    "C:\\Windows\\System32", SW_SHOW);
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Beaten to it by a few seconds :D – Goz Jan 31 '13 at 19:08

You need to use ShellExecute.

Something like the following

ShellExecute(hwnd, "runas", "c:\\Users\\abc\\xyz\\install.bat", NULL, "c:\\windows\\system", SW_SHOWNORMAL );
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Without using System(), you can just cd to the location containing the .bat file and just invoke the batch file

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