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In a directory (I work in Linux) I have like 100 subdirectories named like: name_02randomnumber



In every subdirectory is a subdirectory wich name is like randomnumber_analyse and in that subdirectory is a file named first. In the last subdirectory, first is a file called first_TR_first.

So I have 100 first_TR_first files. I want to get all those files, rename them and copy them to one folder.

The folder I want to copy to is a folder called allfiles in the directory with the 100 subdirectories (so that folder is the 101st subdirectory).

The renaming is difficult. 56 first_TR_first files need to be renamed to AAAnumber.



The other 44 files need to be renamed to BBBnumber.



I have 2 .text files with lists in the directory with those 101 subdirectories. One with the 56 names of the name_02randomnumber subdirectories and one with the other 44 names.

I have read a lot and tried a lot, but I can't get it to work. Does anyone got any idea or do I have to provide some more information?

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Your question is very confusing. You said there's a file named 'first', but then you say it's a subdirectory. You say there are 100 'first_TR_first', but the next paragraph says there are only 56 and there are 44 other files. – Barmar Jan 31 '13 at 20:29
What have you tried? – Mike Jan 31 '13 at 20:34

First of all, you can use find to find your files:

find . -name "first_TR_first" -type f

This will list all the files (and the directories) they're in.

The rest of your description loses me. I guess you could keep two counters, one for AAA files and one for BBB files, but how do you know which is which?

Clarify your question before it gets closed down. Give us an example of exactly how things are arranged. Then explain what you want and what it should look like. Also explain what you did and any shell scripts or commands you've tried.

People here like to help, but we also like to see that someone else has done a bit of work.

While you're at it, register at StackOverflow and read a bit about how this site works.

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c=0; for i in `find . -name 'first_TR_first' -print |head -56`; do let c=c+1; cp $i allfiles/AAA$c;done

c=0; for i in `find . -name 'first_TR_first' -print |tail -44`; do let c=c+1; cp $i allfiles/BBB$c;done

both those commands are single long lines. You may need to tweak the -44 and -56 and the c= number to get it just right.

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