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Here's my dilemma. I'm working on a database that will take a student's answer sheet, put in table [Answers] and compare it to an answer key in table [Tests]. Also, associated with each question is a specific education standard.

I get an excel export from our testing website for the answer sheets. It's setup as follows:

| Student ID | Student | Ans 1 | Ans 2 | Ans 3 | etc... |

So [Answers] is setup to be a simple direct import from Excel.

The end result wanted is a counted list of standards that the student missed. I.E.:

| Name     | Standard | Count |
| John Doe | ABC1234  |   8   |

I'm at a loss on how to get to that point. I can get the standards missed, but then I can't count horizontally.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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You are going to need to unpivot the data from the table using a UNION ALL query:

select [student id], [student], [Ans 1] As Answer
from yourtable
union all
select [student id], [student], [Ans 2] As Answer
from yourtable
union all
select [student id], [student], [Ans 3] As Answer
from yourtable
union all
select [student id], [student], [Ans 4] As Answer
from yourtable

Once the data is in one column, then you will be able to apply count()

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