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In the last two days I'm going crazy with the integration of api Xtify for IOS, did the version for android in an afternoon, is very simple and easy, but the iOS is a bit annoying to do ...

Well, I'll tell you what I did so far:

1 - I created my APP ID
2 - I activated Apple Push Notification service and created the SSL certificate
3 - I created a provisioning profile developer for my APP ID
4 - I downloaded and installed the certificates on my computer
5 - I exported the certificate Devlopment Apple iOS Push Services
6 - Key app manager did upload the file you exported in step 5
7 - In Xcode Code signing identity in selected my development provisioning profile in Debug and Any iOS SDK

8 - Compiled the project and Xtify App Manager went Test Implementation, and sent a notification received with success.

From there I went to step distribution

2.1-I exported the certificate iOS Apple Production Push Services
2.2-I changed the key type of app for Xtify Release / Production
2.3-I uploaded the file you exported in step 1.2
2.4-In Apple provisioning profiles / Distribuition created a new profile for my Ad Hoc APP ID and selected my devices
2.5-I Download the provisioning profile and installed it on my computer In Xcode
2.6-Code signing identity in selected my development provisioning profile in Debug and Any iOS SDK and selected my provisioning profile distribution and Any iOS SDK Release

I compiled my project and received no debug "Succeeded registering for push notifications. Token device: xxxxx-xxxx ..." also received the XID device (Apparently everything normal).

So I went to console Xtify to send a push notification, sent and nothing was received on the device. I have reviewed the documentation several times over those two days and did not find any flaws in the process that ran (more than once), and I'm really going crazy with this. Pesso please if anyone knows where I am wrong to help me, especially Xtify support staff that knows the system very well.

To have no implementation error I used the example of the project itself, just replace my key in XtifyGlobal.h

follows an image showing the process I made (in relation to licenses): enter image description here

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This sounds to me like the wrong certificate. Post a ticket on their support site and they can check to make sure the cert is correct on their site. They are super fast. –  Michael Bordash Jan 31 '13 at 20:54
I've asked to help support Xtify, probably should have a certificate error, but where? As I said, in the last two days I have reviewed the documentation, remade over and over again the process, I'm going crazy with this already. –  jucajl Jan 31 '13 at 21:03

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