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I have the following issue:

I am showing multiple items from a database in my website. They look fine, ordered 2x2.

A  B
C  D
E  F

However, in the 4th row, only 1 of the items is shown and then the next item is in the following row.

You can check the tests at http://www.tahara.es/store

My code looks like this:

while($info = $items->fetch(PDO::FETCH_ASSOC)) 

<div name='item' id='<?php echo $info['color_base1']; ?>' class='itemBox'>
    <div class='showItem'><a href='items_descr.php?itemId=<?php echo $info['id_item']; ?>'>
        <img class='itemImage' alt='' src='<?php echo "../images/".$info['imageMid']; ?>.jpg'>
    <br />
    <div class='indexItemText'>
        <span class='similarItemsText'>
            <a href='items_descr.php?itemId=<?php echo $info['id_item']; ?>'><?php echo $info['name']; ?></a>
             - $<?php echo $info['price']; ?> </span>

<?php $row_count++;

if ($row_count % 2 == 0) 
echo "<br />"; // close the row if we're on an even record

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For one thing, you have a PHP error on the page, maybe it's related Notice: Undefined index: color in /var/www/vhosts/tahara.es/httpdocs/store/indexMain.php on line 3 –  Michael Oliver Jan 31 '13 at 20:37
You also have a stray php closing tag on line 23 of source, closing </img>(?) tags, and Acceso autorizado. echoed at the top of the page. Try making the markup valid. –  user20232359723568423357842364 Jan 31 '13 at 20:42
Thanks, but those 2 details do not affect the display of the items... any other suggestions? –  samyb8 Jan 31 '13 at 20:52
I wouldn't recommend using <br /> in your html to do formatting. You should use CSS for this. –  Bjørne Malmanger Jan 31 '13 at 21:22
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This is a CSS issue. you can resolve it by adding clear:both to the <span> elements that cause line breaks in your code.

Currently, you are listing the photos in pairs. You force a line break between each pair with an empty <span> tag, like this:

A    B
-- span --
C    D

However, this <span> tag doesn't play nice with all of the <div>s because the <div>s are floating. Elements that float render in different locations than elements that do not float. In this specific case, all of your <span> tags actually render near the top of the page:

-- span --
-- span --
A    B
C    D

You can force the <span>s to respect the location of the floating elements by adding the clear CSS attribute to them:

span {
display: block;
clear:both; /* this element will respect the location of anything that floats right or left */

I would also consider adding a class to this specific <span>. <span> is a common element and causing all of them to clear:both might have unintended consequences.

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