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The method I am currently using is to add <img src="A-Button-Image.png" style="width:100%;"> in HTML sheet and the image size could scale up and down depends on the screen size.

However, A-Button-Image.png contains two images, hover and normal status. Thus, I'd like to use background-position to trigger the rollover effcts? Is there a way to using CSS to control background-position but without losing image resize ability? I know there is another solution is onmouseover & onmouseout, but I still prefer CSS.


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There's a background-size property for your needs. Just set it to 200% and you will get both scalability and spriteability.

See for yourself.

You could even use more than two images in your sprite. You will just need to multiply a number of images by 100% and put the result in a background-size property.

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Thanks! but it doesn't display the image, once text is removed. and display:inline-block; isnt working – olo Jan 31 '13 at 22:21
That's only because I've set the element's height in %, but since by default the document's body is as tall as the content inside, I had to put a text inside. In a real case scenario you will most certainly put your icon in an element that will have height greater than 0 so it will work just fine. See the updated code: . I've added the rule for body and html to fill all the window space. Now you don't need any text. – Mateusz Kocz Feb 1 '13 at 7:26
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The solution is to make the background-size to 100% and padding-bottom to percentage.

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