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I need to schedule items which have an attribute 'scheduledAt with timestamps, both current and projected. Unfortunately the reference Date is only calculated once.

How can this be solved?

Items.find({scheduledAt : {$lt : new Date()}}).observe(...)
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Passing "new Date()" will pass the toString() of the date object, which probably isn't what you want. Try passing "+new Date()" to cast it to the actual timestamp. –  Rahul Jan 31 '13 at 22:06

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Because Meteor is a single page app, "new Date()" is not going to get called unless you make it reactive by doing something like:

function findItems() { Session.get Items.find({scheduledAt : {$lt : new Date()}}).observe(...) }

And you can trigger by doing Session.set('triggerEvent');

If you just want to do it periodically, use Meteor.setTimeout()

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