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Thanks in advance for any help,

I have a Crystal Report made in Crystal Reports 2011. The report does a simple select from a view and uses about 6 of the columns.

In 2 consecutive sections there is a Cross Tab and a Pie chart, both reporting on the same formula field. The formula for the field is as follows:


Basically, if my value is not null, I get the value, and if it is, I get an empty string.

In the Cross Tab, under the Customize Style tab, there is a Suppress Empty Rows and Suppress Empty Columns check box. I am looking for something similar for the pie chart because even though there is no slice for the empty string, the legend has a an entry for the blank string with the value 0 (or 0%).

Thanks again,

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You may want to consider updating the charting engine to use the latest version of CRChart. Three-D Graphics wrote the original component for SAP (nee BusinessObjects nee Crystal Decisions nee Seagate Software); they own the source code. The @HIDE_ZERO macro would probably do exactly what you need to have done.

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That looks nice, but I'm not interested in purchasing more software to resolve this issue. –  Steve M Jan 31 '13 at 22:46

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