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I am trying to create the import project library for Office ( in Script# for some apps that I want to create. One of the functions wants the following JS to be created:

Office.initialize = function (reason) {/* initialization code */} (

I have the office class, and I can create the initialize property with the IntrinsicProperty attribute. However, I cannot then access that property without being in another method.

public static void Initialize()
   Office.Intialize = delegate(InializationEnum initEnum)


Which produces the following JS

OfficeScript.initialize = function AgaveScript$initialize() {
    Office.intialize = function(initEnum) {

which is not the JS I want created.

Is it possible to import a function like Office.initialize?

Thanks in advance

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Are your S# imports shared? –  theoutlander Mar 6 '13 at 10:00

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Try putting your code to set Office.Initialize in the static ctor of the OfficeScript instead.

Btw, it would be interesting to do this Office import library in a way that could be consumed by others... as a shared import library.

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