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I have read about MVC but am having doubts on how to implement the concept in Java with Swing. Here's what I'm going for:

The model: ListOfThings contains a Collection of Thing objects.

The controller: Controller instanciates ListOfThings and populates it with a "add" method (internally creates a new Thing and adds it to the Collection)

The view: A Swing interface with a ListOfThingsPanel which will contain ThingPanel components to represent the model. Both extend JPanel. ThingPanel contains various components meant to display the data of the Thing it's linked to. It also has a button which adds a new (empty) thing to the list. The click event calls the Controller's addThing() method which asks ListOfThings to add a new Thing to its list. ListOfThings has an event/listener system and ListOfThingsPanel listens to it to know when it should refresh the view.

Am I properly following the MVC concept by doing it like this?

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To start I suggest to follow the following design:

implement the client-side business logic with POJOs wrap the POJOs with custom Swing models where needed (ListModel, TableModel) Use a GUI builder to design the GUI Use the Mediator pattern to listen for events (a custom subclass of JPanel listens for events of its children and updates other children or fires own custom events if needed)

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