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I need to add a splitPane textArea to my Griffon app. I cannot seem to find an example of the proper syntax and way to do this.

Can anyone help me out??

Here is my view so far:


package test1

import griffon.util.GriffonNameUtils as GNU
import java.beans.PropertyChangeListener

application(title: 'Test1',
  //preferredSize: [600, 300],
  pack: true,
  locationByPlatform: true,
  iconImage:   imageIcon('/griffon-icon-48x48.png').image,
  iconImages: [imageIcon('/griffon-icon-48x48.png').image,
               imageIcon('/griffon-icon-16x16.png').image]) {                  

    panel(constraints: WEST,
          border: titledBorder(title: 'Platform')) {
        buttonGroup(id: 'platform')
        def radioButtonConverter = { String title, v -> v ? title : model.deviceType }
        for (data in model.deviceTypes) {
            radioButton(data.title, buttonGroup: platform, constraints: 'wrap',
                selected: bind('deviceType', target: model,
                          converter: radioButtonConverter.curry(data.title), value: data.selected))

    panel(constraints: EAST,
          border: titledBorder(title: 'Path Browser')) {
        controller.griffonClass.actionNames.each { name ->
            button(getVariable(name + 'Action'),
                constraints: 'growx, wrap')

    panel(constraints: CENTER, id: 'devicePanel',
          border: titledBorder(id: 'devicePanelBorder', title: 'No Devices')) {
        noparent {
            model.addPropertyChangeListener('deviceType', { e ->
                model.deviceTypes.each{ d-> d.selected = false }
                model.deviceTypes.find{ d -> d.title == e.newValue }.selected = true
                devicePanelBorder.title = e.newValue
                devicePanel.layout.show(devicePanel, e.newValue)
                devicePanel.repaint() // force redraw
            } as PropertyChangeListener)
        for(data in model.deviceTypes) {
            // we set the title as the page's constraints -> simplifies bookkeeping
            // in the PropertyChangeListener registered above
            panel(constraints: data.title) {
                gridLayout(cols: 2, rows: (data.devices.size()/2))
                data.devices.each { device ->
                    checkBox(device.name, selected: bind(value: device.selected, target: device, 'selected'))

    panel(constraints: SOUTH) {
        buttonGroup(id: 'execute', constraints: 'center')
        button('Build XML', buttonGroup: execute)
        button('Run', buttonGroup: execute)
        button('Exit', buttonGroup: execute)

    panel(constraints: NORTH) {
        label('TWC Companion Device Test Tool', constraints: 'center')




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As shown by SwingPad (https://github.com/griffon/griffon/blob/master/src/dist/samples/SwingPad/griffon-app/views/griffon/samples/swingpad/SwingPadContent.groovy) using splitPane is as simple as

splitPane(resizeWeight: 0.5f) {
     label('Left component')
     label('Right component')

Have a look at the View section of the Griffon Guide to learn more about nodes


The following link has pointers to all nodes that can be used with SwingBuilder


Lastly, you can launch SwingPad ($GRIFFON_HOME/samples/SwingPad) and play with live nodes. This application includes a list of all nodes (Help -> Node List) plus a very basic node name completion feature.

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