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I have the following link on my page. The link points to an internal address.

<a href="internal_address"> Add XYZ and do ABC</a>

When I click on the link, nothing happens. The browser shows a loading icon, but stays on the current page. If I right click on the link and say open in new tab, the link open perfectly in the new tab. What is the reason for this? How do I go about debugging this?

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What is internal_address really? –  Mooseman Jan 31 '13 at 23:07
It is just a URL : internal.pvt.mydomain.com/xyz/abc?a=lmn&b=123 –  pphanireddy Jan 31 '13 at 23:47

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You need to set the target of the hyperlink element

<a href="internal_address" target="_blank"> Add XYZ and do ABC</a>

Another example (which if copied directly into a HTML file will work)

<a href="http:\\www.google.co.uk" target="_blank">Goto Google</a>
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