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I was wondering how people manage with the useless messages etc emacs buffers generated randomly, for example after my completions, I get an completions buffer and it upsets me it create a buffer I have to traverse to get to the next buffer. Anyone have a solution to this?

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possible duplicate of Emacs: help me understand file/buffer management –  Wilduck Jan 31 '13 at 23:16
Doesn't it get closed and buried after use? It should not come in the way of cycling through buffers, since it is a special (starts with a *) buffer. –  Miserable Variable Jan 31 '13 at 23:17

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The title is rather vague. There are lots of Q&As on the general subject of "buffer management" in Emacs. Here's one which includes links to several others (see "Linked" in the right-hand sidebar):
How can I more easily switch between buffers in Emacs?

For your specific question, I suggest using the excellent winner-mode. Just add (winner-mode 1) to your .emacs file (or type M-x winner-mode RET to try it out).

Once enabled, you can call winner-undo with C-c<left> (repeatedly, if necessary) to step backwards through all the previous window configurations.

Thus, when a window pops up and you no longer want it, you type C-c<left> and you're immediately back to how things were before.

C-c<right> calls winner-redo which restores the configuration you started with (i.e. it doesn't step through the configurations like the undo command).

Also note that many types of buffer can be buried with q or deleted with z.

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