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Let me clarify you that I'm a newbie using MVC4 and AJAX.

Please see the below image, contains two main views (the rectangles with background-color=white enter image description here

In the left section, it has a question list for a test and the right is something like a question editor view.

I need to implement something similiar. My big doubt is how to start implementing these interface? I mean I supposed these are two partial vies or editor templates, and how are they interacting I mean, when I press the button NEW QUESTION, add a question to the list and show the question detail in the second one. I supposed when press the DONE button, sends a post to the server with the questions created, something like this:

public ActionResult Done(List<Question> questions)


I guess this can be accomplished through AJAX.

I'm not asking for code, I just want some explanation about how to create the interaction in the web page, I'm really get lost.

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If you'd like to call your controller from jQuery, check out this answer:

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