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I would like to unset() the _id attribute from an instance of a model, to make a POST request using the save() model method.

But i get a Uncaught TypeError: Object [object Object] has no method 'call' backbone-min.js because of this line:


I am using idAttribute: "_id" so i tried:


But it doesn't unset the _id attribute. Any idea how i could make it works ?


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Using model.unset('_id') should work fine. My guess is that the error is thrown by a change event listener, either in your code or some library code. In order to not trigger events you can use the silent:true option.

However, if you simply want to force the model.save() method to perform a POST, you don't need to unset the _id attribute.

Instead override the model.isNew method. Backbone uses this to determine whether a model is new (and should be POSTed) or existing (and should be PUT). Overriding the method to always return true will make your model to be POSTed every time:

isNew: function() { return true; }
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Careful with this one, from now on the model you set that as will always be new, no matter what. I you ever want to do a PUT it will require applying the old behavior. –  Joe Mills Sep 10 '13 at 21:14

Backbone stores the attributes in an object called attributes within the model. The attribute _id, although representative of the ID of that model is not what is used to determine whether a model is new.

There is a property called id (sibling of attributes) which is what is used to make the isNew() determination.

If you want to force a POST, you'll need to delete the id property:

var id = model.id;
delete model.id;
model.save(); // this will do a POST
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I don't believe this is entirely accurate. Backbone does use the model.id field to determine if the model isNew, but using unset will make a set call that will clear the id when the idAttribute is cleared. See documentcloud.github.io/backbone/docs/backbone.html#section-45. –  dule Jan 30 at 20:50

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