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I have a workspace set like this:

MyAppiOS project
MyAppMacOS project

Pods project was added to the initial workspace (MyAppiOS project) with the podfile

platform :ios, '5.0'

pod 'AFNetworking', '1.1'

and the pod install command

Now I woud like MyAppMacOS to also link with AFNetworking.
I have seen example of podfiles with multiple targets, but with a common platform. I could not find an example of podfile that would work with multiple platforms.
I also tried using two podfiles for the two projects, but a pod install command creates two workspaces.

What is the best way to use CocoaPods in that scenario?

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How about

MyAppiOS project with folder
MyAppMacOS project with folder
MyAppCommon folder

You can still add files from MyAppCommon in the platform specific projects.

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Try something like this, where you specify the workspace that should be created, and the platform for each target/project combination. You can adjust the project files to point to different folders where each platform's source is located.

workspace 'MyWorkspace.xcworkspace'
platform :ios

def import_pods
  pod 'AFNetworking'

target :'MyAppiOS' do
    platform :ios
  xcodeproj 'MyAppiOS.xcodeproj'

target :'MyAppOSX' do
    platform :osx
  xcodeproj 'MyAppOSX.xcodeproj'
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