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I am using Microsoft's implementation of the ribbon control in my WPF application. My application supports different languages. The problem is when I try to switch the language (using ALT + SHIFT combination) to enter data in a text box for example, the Ribbon steels focus which is pretty annoying for the user. I use Office and it doesn't have this issue because if you switch languages using that combination, it will regain focus from the ribbon and I want behavior similar to that.

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It appears that ribbon has a hotkey bound by default, what i suggest is that you try overriding that key combinations by binding an empty command to it.

    <KeyBinding Command="{Binding x:Null}"
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I know that Vidas, thank you. but the thing is that i want to keep that functionality for keyboard navigation. i just don't want it to get in the way when the user tries to input into a text box for instance. –  Sniffer Feb 3 '13 at 18:44

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