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I am developing a jQuery script that loads the html from the next page and appends it to the current container. Basically making a never-ending page. However the function is returning with an error, though errorThrown is blank. Is this the correct way to get html through ajax and append it to the current DOM?

$.ajax({type : "GET",
        url : currentUrl + "/page/" + nextPageNumber,
        dataType : "html",
        error : function(jqXHR, textStatus, errorThrown) { alert(textStatus); alert(errorThrown); },
        success : function(data) {
            var frag = document.createDocumentFragment();
            var $page = $(frag); 
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Why don't you use:


It works well with html.

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Ok, I have read up on the documentation on that and it looks like thats exactly what I need. I implemented and still didn't work so I went fishing a little more. I am discovering that my currentUrl is returning with only / I am using currentUrl = window.location.pathname; to get the url. Any thoughts? – SnareChops Feb 1 '13 at 0:36
Found it. I need to use hostname not pathname – SnareChops Feb 1 '13 at 0:38

There's no such thing as "appencChild", for starters. If you're trying to load an ID, you can already specify a fragment by using whatever.html#yourId in $.load()'s URL string. If you have more specific needs, you can simply pass the response HTML to jQuery and operate on it as a normal jQuery object:

success : function(data) {
    var $page = $(data);
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Thank you to everyone that answered, it really helped point me in the right direction. For those who stumble upon this from a search, this is how I did it in the end:

$("div.blueline-page-container").append("<div id='blueline-page-" + nextPageNumber + "'><div>");
$("#blueline-page-" + nextPageNumber).load("/page/" + nextPageNumber + " div.blueline-page-container");

I add a <div> to the page with a unique id, then load the ajax results to the <div> created.

Simple in the end...

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