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I need to compile poco with MinGW so I can use it in Qt Creator but cannot figure out how to, I've managed to compile poco in Visual Studio but I cannot use those libraries in Qt Creator.

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Note that you can also use msvc in qt creator (with a Qt for MSVC). I'd go that route. – Frank Osterfeld Feb 1 '13 at 7:02
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Complementing Cesar's answer (here, instead of adding a comment, for formatting purposes), you need something like this on your .pro file:

INCLUDEPATH += "<path_to_poco_include_dir>"
LIBS += -L"<path_to_poco_lib_dir>" -l<poco_lib> -l<poco_lib>

E.g., in my case, I would have this (for debug builds):

INCLUDEPATH += "C:/Dev/lib/poco/poco143/Debug/include"
LIBS += -L"C:/Dev/lib/poco/poco143/lib" -lPocoFoundationd -lPocoUtild

You can then refine this a bit, by creating settings for both debug and release builds:

LIB_HOME = "C:/Dev/lib/"
POCO_HOME = $${LIB_HOME}poco/poco143/

# OR
CONFIG(debug, debug|release) {
CONFIG -= debug release
CONFIG += debug

CONFIG(release, debug|release) {
CONFIG -= debug release
CONFIG += release

debug {

release {

INCLUDEPATH += "$${POCO_PATH}/include"
LIBS += -L"$${POCO_PATH}/lib" -lPocoFoundation$${POCO_DEBUG} -lPocoUtil$${POCO_DEBUG}

Hope this helps.

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Thanks for the add. – Cesar Ortiz Feb 10 '13 at 13:54

With this enviroment:

  • MinGW (GCC 4.7.0) + MSYS
  • Poco 1.4.6 (downloaded at 5 febrery 2013)

This is how I configure and compile Poco for MinGW and Windows 7:

  1. Extract Poco into a folder of your choice. C:/ for this example.
  2. Apply the next path to avoid copysign error.(From

    In the file C:\poco-1.4.6\Foundation\include\Poco\FPEnvironment_DUMMY.h

    Delete the string std:: in this method:

    inline float FPEnvironmentImpl::copySignImpl(float target, float source)
    #if defined(__APPLE__) || defined(POCO_ANDROID)
        return copysignf(target, source);
        return /*std::*/copysignf(target, source);

    And here too:

    inline double FPEnvironmentImpl::copySignImpl(double target, double source)
    #if defined(__APPLE__) || defined(POCO_ANDROID)
        return copysign(target, source);
        return /*std::*/copysign(target, source);
  3. Modify MinGW configuration at C:\poco-1.4.6\build\config\MinGW. (From

    You should delete the -mno-cygwin string in line:

    SHLIB   = $(CXX) -shared -mno-cygwin -o $@ -Wl,--out-implib=$(dir $@)$(subst cyg,lib,$(basename $(notdir $@))).a


    SYSFLAGS = -mno-cygwin -D_WIN32 -DMINGW32 -DWINVER=0x500 -DPOCO_NO_FPENVIRONMENT -DPCRE_STATIC -DPOCO_THREAD_STACK_SIZE -DFoundation_Config_INCLUDED -I/usr/local/include -I/usr/include

    If you don't need to use cryptography and SSL, you should remove the options -lssl, and -lcrypto at SYSLIBS line.

  4. Compile Poco without demos, SSL, cryptography and ODBC support:

    $ ./configure --omit=NetSSL_OpenSSL,Crypto,Data/ODBC,Data/MySQL --prefix=./_INSTALL
    $ make clean
    $ make -j4 -nodemos
    $ make install

Good luck!

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Thank you. I compiled it, but how do I use .a libraries in Qt Creator? – caboose0013 Feb 8 '13 at 0:28
I don't know how to do it with Qt creator because I usually work with Eclipse, but I guess you should configure your linker libraries (-lPocoFoundation, -lPocoNet, etc) and make the #includes of your Poco libs from your code. Make sure your project knows where are your .h headers and your .a libraries and make a try – Cesar Ortiz Feb 8 '13 at 8:17

Building POCO with MinGW should not be a big deal, it's been done in the past but core developers have no incentive (not our "itch") and none of the folks complaining steps up to own and maintain MinGW build; we'd more than welcome someone taking that role. Anyone interested can contact me.

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There maybe a error as follow:

strip: '/Learn/POCO/poco-1.4.6p2/lib/MinGW/ia32/libPocoFoundation.dll.exe': No such file

we can resolve the problem by change line in file "build\rules\global"



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