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When writing to a text file in java , how do I enter values into a new line

code snippet

while (rs.next()) {
                int sport = rs.getInt("sport");

                String name = rs.getString("name");

                out.write(sport + " : " + name);}

the text file populates " value1 value2 value3...etc" I want it to populate

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  • If 'out' is a PrintWriter, use println().
  • If 'out' is a BufferedWriter, use newLine().
  • If 'out' is some other Writer, use write('\n'), or append the newLine directly to the string you're writing. If you want the system's line separator, see System.getProperty() with the value "line.separator".
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Is java smart enough to turn \n into the correct line terminator for your OS (windows vs mac vs unix)? –  Patashu Feb 1 '13 at 1:21
@Patashu It is if you use println() or newLine(), not with \n. –  EJP Feb 1 '13 at 1:25

Very simple

out.write(sport + " : " + name + "\n");

That's all.

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