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I am new to BDD and Gherkin. Trying to use Cucumber, which parses Gherkin to Ruby - a language I don't know. Is there any library which converts Gherkin to Javascript ? If I get the Javascript output for Gherkin, I plan to modify the code and call some Javascript functions of my own. Please note, I am not planning to test these javascript functions - these functions are from some other testing tool I am trying to chain to. I Hope I am not planning to do something weird. All the problem is that our team does not want to learn Ruby. Please suggest some options.

I guess, what I need is a tool which allows me to write step definitions in javascript - as opposed to Ruby.

Thanks !

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I think you're looking for Cucumber.js:

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Cucumber.js is a good option and Kyuri is a good alternative if you the stuff from nodejitsu :)

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Gherkin is a human-readable DSL, and cucumber doesn't care what language you use to create the step definitions.

While I don't see any javascript-specific examples on the cucumber wiki, you might want to check out cucumber.js.

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