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I'm working with smartcard chips and using its PIV app, {00 A4 P1 P2 Le Data Lc} all the verficatives are fine {00 20 P1 P2 Le Data Lc} and {00 21 P1 P2 Le Data Lc}.

But as you know the piv apllication have a counter of failed tries; in this case 00 20 have a 3 and 00 21 have 15 as number of failed tries before it locks.

I want to know if there is any APDU command available that actually reads the number of tries, without increasing it.

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You can send the exact command with no Command Data, i.e. the Lc is '00'. The card shall return SW1-SW2='63 CX', where X denotes remaining tries.

The APDU shall look like the following:

Command APDU: 00 20 P1 P2 00
Response APDU: 63 C3

NOTE: I have been using this for INS '20', but never tried for INS '21'.

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