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everyone, I used jQgrid which is amazing in my project and found one issue on draging the column to resize in Chrome(Version 25.0.1337.0), it was like the drag line deviating from the header line when I was trying to resize the column, below is the screenshot enter image description here

the red line is the drag line, and the blue one is the header column bar, more strange about that is when I moved mouse to the drag place which was exactly the blue column bar and begun to drag, the mouse icon which should like(enter image description here)disappered in Chrome.

But it behaved cool in Firefox and IE, here's the screenshot(in Firefox) enter image description here

how to fix this in Chrome? my jqgrid version is 4.4.4

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I found a solution which is not elegant, but behave what I want in IE8, Chrome v25, firefox v3.6, this could just be a crude fix!! in getOffset method

getOffset = function (iCol) {             
      var i, ret = [0], brd1 = $.jgrid.cell_width ? 0 : ts.p.cellLayout;

if(/chrome/i.test(navigator.userAgent)) brd1 = 5;//this could temporarily fix in chrome

            if(ts.p.colModel[i].hidden === false ) {
                ret[0] += ts.p.colModel[i].width+brd1;
        if(ts.p.direction=="rtl") {   ret[0] = ts.p.width - ret[0]; }
        ret[0] -= ts.grid.bDiv.scrollLeft;
        ret.push($(ts.grid.bDiv).offset().top - $(ts.grid.hDiv).offset().top + $(ts.grid.bDiv).height());
        return ret;

as you can see, I explicitly assign brd1 = 5..because in chrome $.jqgrid.cell_width return true, while in firefox/IE it returns false

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Are you overriding a getOffset method in jqGrid? I failed to find it in the definitions in jqgrid wiki. Is it there? – Jurijs Kastanovs Jun 25 '13 at 10:49
And what's grid and hDiv, bDiv? I assume grid is the grid table? – Jurijs Kastanovs Jun 27 '13 at 8:21

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