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I created a portable C# class library in VS 2012 from sources of on older project, but if I try to add a reference to the new library in a unit test library targeting .NET 4.0, it says:

Unable to add a reference to project '(portable project name)'. The current project's target framework is not one of or compatible with the target frameworks of Portable Library project '(portable project name)'.

How do I test the portable library?



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What unit testing framework are you using? MSTest? NUnit? –  Frazell Thomas Feb 1 '13 at 3:18
NUnit does not complaint about this. –  Lex Li Feb 1 '13 at 5:40
Oh, found it. I was using the Microsoft stuff. It appears I needed to bump the test from .NET 4.0 to .NET 4.5, as the portable library was targeting .NET 4.03, because it needed the XML stuff. –  jtsoftware Feb 1 '13 at 14:51

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Usually this happens when the portable library selected profile does not match the target platform chosen for a project that references it. What are the platforms that you are targeting from your PCL? Note that if you target .NET 4.0.3 and not .NET 4 then it can be referenced from a project that targets .NET 4.0.

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