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I am following this tutorial from the libusbjava library. However, when I try to run it, it throws the following error.

ch.ntb.usb.USBException: No USB endpoints found. Check the device configuration

Here is the relevant part from the program

public static void testDevice(){

    //Vendor ID, Product ID
    Device dev = USB.getDevice((short) 0x0bda, (short) 0x2838); 

        //Data to write to device
        byte[] data = new byte[]{0,1,2,3}; 
        //Data to read from device
        byte[] readData = new byte[data.length];

        dev.open(1, 0, -1);

        dev.writeInterrupt(0x81, data, data.length, 2000, false);

        dev.readBulk(0x81, readData, readData.length, 2000, false);



    catch(USBException e){

Here is the information from the device from USB View

Device Descriptor:
bcdUSB:             0x0200
bDeviceClass:         0x00
bDeviceSubClass:      0x00
bDeviceProtocol:      0x00
bMaxPacketSize0:      0x40 (64)
idVendor:           0x0BDA
idProduct:          0x2838
bcdDevice:          0x0100
iManufacturer:        0x01
iProduct:             0x02
iSerialNumber:        0x03
bNumConfigurations:   0x01

ConnectionStatus: DeviceConnected
Current Config Value: 0x01
Device Bus Speed:     Full
Device Address:       0x02
Open Pipes:              1

Endpoint Descriptor:
bEndpointAddress:     0x81
Transfer Type:        Bulk
wMaxPacketSize:     0x0200 (512)
bInterval:            0x00
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What about the interface descriptor? –  Turbo J Feb 1 '13 at 18:44
I don't know where to get that information. Can I access it via USB View? –  Wnt2bsleepin Feb 1 '13 at 20:00

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Your Device has one bulk IN type endpoint - which can only send data to the Host in bulk mode. But you try to write to it:

dev.writeInterrupt(0x81, data, data.length, 2000, false);

This cannot work, you would need an interrupt OUT type endpoint for that. It would also have a different endpoint address.

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There seems to be a writebulk method, but the part that is throwing the error is dev.open(1, 0, -1) –  Wnt2bsleepin Feb 1 '13 at 19:58
Oddly enough, I just ran it again and the No USB endpoints found error is gone. However, it is now saying that the endpoint 0x81 is invalid. I do not know why it started to work. –  Wnt2bsleepin Feb 1 '13 at 20:37

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