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I am trying to extract just the domain name from email string, using Python. For a basic case such as, the following works well:

string.split("@")[1].rstrip(".com")   #would give me "xyz"

But I was hoping to find a solution that would get the domain name for cases such as:


One solution that comes to my mind is to use regular expression and strip off anything that follows the last dot but that still leaves special domains such as "" wherein I would expect to get just "xyz".

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You will need to supply each and every TLD to the regex. Not possible to do without. – nhahtdh Feb 1 '13 at 6:45

The following regex matches your inputs :


Replacing the input with $1 gives the domain name.

Note: Add required escaping for \

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Below code should help you do the desired :

fromAddr = message.get('From').split('@')[1].rstrip('>')
        fromAddr = fromAddr.split(' ')[0]
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