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My question: What exactly is the Rotate All function used for and can it be implemented another way in software if needed?

Why? I'm trying to build a CPU out of discrete logic chips, similar to what is described here, the SAP-2 Simple-As-Possible Computer. The SAP-2 can only do Rotate-Left/Right and ignores the carry. I want to add some functions that utilize the carry flag, but don't want to over complicate the design.

I have a circuit that can Shift Left/Right with carry but doing a Rotate All with carry is proving difficult to implement, and having both functions would be even more complicated. Here is how it works right now:

If the accumulator contains CY=1 A=0111 0100

then Rotate Left with Carry=

CY=0 A=1110 100 0

or Rotate Right with Carry=

CY=0 A=0 011 1010

Thank-you in advance for your input.

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