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I am creating a customer module in asp.net website project. i developed login page and from login page i am entering to customer home page. here i am giving menu items like

  1. customerprofile 2.customerpurchased items 3.customervieweditems 4.customerbiilingpage like

here for every page i need used login id that should come directly in pageload.

please any one help me how to pass login user id to above 4 pages.

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You should look into authentication for this site. Search on FormsAuthentication using a FormsAuthenticationTicket, or use the newer Memebership and Roles functionality. Do this properly and you really don't "pass" the login aroun, you read it from the HttpContext.Current.User.Identity container.

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why not you use Session ? Session is the best case for your scenario. or if you wanted to use Authentication mechanism, then Go for Membership Provider, FormsAuthentication. How To Implement Simple Forms Authentication


to retreive

var userID=Session["UserID"].ToStrin();
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Thanx Ravi for your solution –  Hanumantha Rao Feb 1 '13 at 9:13

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